Top Takeaway Tweets from a4uexpo on Day 1

Posted by Chris Avery on 12 October 2010

I was one of the ones who unfortunately could not attend A4UEXPO. I have heard some fantastic things about this marketing conference, but due to being snowed under with work I gave this one a miss :(. I however was extremely impressed with the feeds coming through from the twitterati. I would like to give special thanks to the following people who I followed the entire day, @SamuelCrocker, @willcritchlow from Distilled who were keeping us up to date through the methods of tweets and live blogging, and @geoffblog was also providing fantastic insight. I also would like to add, I was running a stream for all tweets relating to this conference and picked up a number of tweets that I can't quite recall names, but the people who posted them will be listed shortly.

Below are the tweets I thought were pure GOLD and I wanted to share, no explanation but worthy insight:

Site architecture general rule; keep content no more than 3 clicks from homepage @RichardBaxter #a4uexpo 

Site arch tip: With site navigation if you are on page 2, make sure page 1 link is root not ?page=1 for example #a4uexpo 

How many of you have xml sitemap? How many bother to check it's correct & not giving google wrong info? @richardbaxter/@DaveNaylor #a4uexpo 

Great tip: Xmas sales spike starts from November pay day - i.e. 25-27th Nov - from @srisharma #a4uexpo 

You should own top 20 listings for your brand in Google - push positive content @davenaylor #a4uexpo 

Google News universal search results are a great traffic opportunity for affiliates @willcritchlow #a4uexpo 

Facebook has a huge untapped potential. People aren't trying to rank in facebook and likes easier to get/as valuable as links @willcritchlow 

Get people to "like" your web site on Facebook to increase position in Facebook search results #a4uexpo 

Facebook's wasted like button: doesn't link to the site in the code and has so many top quality links. 

Dave Naylor recommending to use rel=canonical now, having previous not 

Crap links for new, untrusted sites = boom! Great example graph to show drop-off in search traffic from @mediadonis #a4uexpo 

Anchor text shouldnt always be exact match for targeted keywords - try breaking the keywords down and use synonyms #a4uexpo 

Dave Naylor (theory): "Click-throughs will make your page rise in Bing. Too few click-throughs on Google and your page will fall." #a4uExpo 

Bing is being referred to more at this year's #a4uexpo and not in a negative way! 

SEO is like a garden - you can't control everything but some factors matter more: links and anchor text = the sun via @Dixon_Jones 

Reverse Engineering Trick - sign up to Adsense to see what Google thinks your site is about #a4uexpo

That’s it for now, but I will be updating the top tweets from day 2 tomorrow, and I will be adding all the people I followed on twitter to gain these insights. (As mentioned above) but to leave you with the most humorous tweet of the day, that has to have been provided by @kevgibbo from SEO Optimise who quoted the following:

"You can leverage what you're doing from the bedroom" quote of the day in #a4uexpo affiliate session!


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