The Top Tool Kit of the Conversion Experts - Ben Jesson and Craig Sullivan

Posted by Mark Slocock on 01 December 2011

Ben Jesson is CEO of Conversion Rate Experts

Big problem with tools Garbage In → Garbage Out, the tools are only as good as the ideas and implementation.

1. Web Analytics

  • Funnels
  • Study visitors who converted (source, content, keywords)
  • Focus on valuable areas

2. Click Tale – (Conversion Reports on Forms, Conversion Funnels, scrolling reports)
3. Crazy Egg – similar to click tales (click mapping, scrolling report)
4. Kampyle – feedback tool
5. 4Q – permission based exit survey
6. KISSinsights – pop up survey allows you to put on any page and ask any questions
7. Survey Tools – surveygizmo, surveyMonkey, WUFOO, Google Docs
8. Live Chat – has proven to increase conversions – use to find the questions that are not answered on the website (olark, OhHi video live chat)
9. Usability Testing

  • Don't make me think by Steve Krug
  • Free user script on
  • Free wifi - go to places with free wifi and do user tests with random people
  • Tip: You learn more from non web savy users
  • Tip: Encourage criticism
  • Tip: Present as independent (if you tell someone you spent the last 4 years working on the site and its your pride and joy they are unlikely to voice any problems)
  • Tip: Tell them we feel it needs improving
  • The best tests leave you in tears

10. user tests on prospects
11. GoTo meeting
12. WebEx
13. Join Me
14. – useful tool but no personal interaction
15. whatusersdo – UK and European
16. Look at site search – are they searching for things that don't exist
17. Your Ears & Mouth
18. Create a robot salesperson by re-creating what sales people do / hang out with the people you are trying to sell to.
19. Get frequent reports from call centres or sales people
20. Use Google Alerts, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers, Twitter, Site Explorer, Facebook, Radian 6
21. Refer a friend program get because (customers for free and word of mouth is good)


Craig Sullivan is the Group Customer Experience Manager at Belron (who own Autoglass)

User Centered Design is at the heart of what they do at Belron, and they test across all channels and platforms.


1. Analytics
2. Develop a leak model
3. Session Recording
4. Remote testing & Crowdsourcing tools (whatusersdo, userzoom)
5. Performance Tools (Google Site Speed)
6. Performance Books
7. Feedback tools (4q, kampyle, 4c, opinion lab)
8. Don't ignore Forms & Search Analytics  
9. Browser Compatibility – you leave money on the table by not supporting all browsers (,,
10. Performance testing tool -
11. Survery tools (SurveyMonkey etc)
12. Email Optimisation (
13. Call tracking (Infinity Tracking – links to Google Analytics
14. Use tag man to optimise tags


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