The quick and easy way to update multiple match types for Google Adwords Using Alphabetizer

Posted by Chris Avery on 26 July 2010

I thought I would share an incredibly handy tool, it’s called the Alphabetizer, and I am using it to speed up the process of setting up new campaign matching types on Google AdWords, but of course you can use it for any PPC network. It can be used for a variety of tasks and is capable of performing more complex ones than I am going to show you, but even so, this happens to be an extremely valuable time saving tool.

With this tool I can sort out different matching types within a few simple clicks. Below I have included a step by step for one specific way you could use this tool to improve productivity and make more use of your time when using AdWords.

Step 1: Extracting Data:

I have used the Google Keyword Tool to extract some keyword data that I want to use for my PPC campaign. (see image below)


Step 2: Download the data:

Download your data using the download function and select the option that is appropriate for you. In this case as it’s an example I select the whole data set, but if I was specifically looking at a targeted campaign I would have downloaded “selection only”.

Step 3: Select the keywords for matching types:

Select the keywords from the spreadsheet that you want to adjust for your PPC campaign.

Step 4 : Insert the data into the Alphabetizer tool:

Once you have selected the keyword data from the spreadsheet, add it to the alphabetizer tool. This is where we can specify all the matching options within a few easy steps.


Step 5 : Converting the data into matching types:

Now that you have added the data to the alphabetizer tool we can now bulk update the keywords with the required matching type, which would be the following:

  • Broad Match    =      Keyword (We have this already from the spreadsheet)
  • Phrase Match   =    “Keyword” (we will use this one as the example)
  • Exact Match     =     [Keyword]

Select the following options below for phrase match (In order to do a phrase match as specified above you will need to wrap it in quotations - this is common syntax for PPC) and put speech marks in both boxes, this will tell the alphabetizer to wrap speech marks around the whole phrase by inserting them at the beginning and the end.


Once you have done this, click the button “Alphabetize” and it will do a little magic and return all your keyword phrases nicely wrapped in the matching criteria you specified. (see below)


As you can see from the image above you have all your keywords formatted within a short few steps. If you wanted to change the match type to “exact” you would need to add square brackets to the beginning and end boxes and it will wrap accordingly. This is a short simple procedure to convert your data, saving you the mundane task of formatting each and every keyword phrase manually, which can take an inordinate amount of time if you are doing this for 150+ keyword phrases.

Of course there are other ways of formatting this data using excel but for ease of use and accessibility (not everyone has excel installed) I find this tool extremely handy and it's one that I use on a daily basis.

There are many other uses for this tool which I have listed briefly below,  so you may find this ideal for something specific which is in your everyday task list.

  • Stripping HTML
  • Ignoring cases
  • Making all words lower case
  • Capitalising the first word
  • Removing Duplicates (another time saver when no use of excel)
  • Reverse lists
  • Randomisation
  • Ignore Indefinite Articles
  • Ignore Definite Articles

So if you are interested in giving this a go then check out the Alhpabetizer Tool.


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