The next level of social integration - Mat Clayton at SearchLove London 2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 26 October 2011

Mat Clayton is one of the founders of popular internet radio company, Mixcloud. Mixcloud's Facebook page has been liked by over 50,000 people and they have just under 60,000 followers on Twitter.

Mat outlined the benefits of integrating social media with your website, and gave some great examples of how Mixcloud have reaped the rewards from doing so. Mat also discussed how businesses of any nature can benefit from investing time in social media, providing some very interesting examples of unlikely case studies.

Mat recently attended Facebook's F8 event and detailed some very interesting new features that are being introduced in the short-term future.

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Communications, gaming and media are all declining
  • Social media is about more than just the 'like' button
  • Social media is a great opportunity for all businesses (in all industries)
  • Mastering social media is like reaching the top of a mountain
  • You can get further insight into your rivals' apps using
  • The most requested Facebook feature is the 'dislike' button
  • The 'dislike' button will never exist!
  • Make sure you check your Facebook timeline and remove embarrassing content before it's made public
  • The new stream on the right-hand side is called the 'ticker'
  • Density is king – people need to feel like they have friends
  • If someone's friends say something is good – they think it is good
Mat also revealed that a new Facebook recommendations bar for blogs will be beta released in a few weeks time. This will tell visitors if their friends have visited or liked posts on a blog that they're reading. This will also allow for further integration with blogs and social profiles.
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