The first SilverStripe UK Meetup: September 2009

Posted by Richard Johnson on 04 August 2009

Due to the success of the SilverStripe Open Source content management system we have decided to organise a monthly Meetup here in London.

The aim is to hold an informal meetup once a month where we can all get together and talk about the CMS and it's features. Moving forward we are planning to have users demonstrate their latest websites and talk about new modules, features and issues.

Who is the Meetup for?

Well, if you use SilverStripe or you are planning on using SilverStripe then you are welcome to come down. If you happen to be searching for a new content management system then this event would be a good opportunity for you to meet some SilverStripe experts.

To register for the Meetup visit the UK SilverStripe CMS Meetup page.

When and where?

The Worship
14 Finsbury Square
London EC1A 4DD

Thursday 3rd September 2009 from 18:45

We'll look forward to seeing you there!


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