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GPMD Workshop: Email Marketing

by Richard Johnson on 11 Apr

We are hosting our second client workshop tomorrow morning on Email Marketing best practices.  The aim is to hold a free workshop each month about various topics that our clients might be interested ... read more

Distilled Link Building Seminar 2011

by Paul Rogers on 22 Mar

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to go to what was undoubtedly the best SEO-orientated event that I have ever attended – The Distilled Link-Building Seminar. Focusing on a vast spectrum of different ... read more

How to achieve ROI through your website

by Richard Johnson on 14 Feb

I can't explain specifically how you can all achieve ROI from your website but I can give you the outline.  What is ROI? ROI means Return On Investment and all businesses look for this whenever they ... read more

Video: Installing SilverStripe CMS on WAMP

by Richard Johnson on 16 Jan

The guys at SilverStripe made this great little video on how to install SilverStripe locally on Windows 7. Installing SilverStripe CMS: 5 minute tutorial from SilverStripe on Vimeo. Wondering how ... read more

Email Signature: Best Practice

by Richard Johnson on 12 Nov

We all use email (well with the exception of a Finnish friend of mine who spends a lot of time in the forest) and most of us have a signature at the bottom of all emails we send out. The purpose of th... read more

Adding a new reporter to Google Analytics

by Richard Johnson on 20 Sep

We often ask prospective clients if we can have access to their analytics account. This helps us uncover any issues they are having with their current website. Just in case you are unsure about how to... read more

404 Page Best Practice

by Richard Johnson on 06 Aug

Econsultancy have just posted this article on 404 best practices. Here's the first tip: Set up your 404 "The worst way to let your users know that they've landed on a page that doesn't exist is usual... read more

SilverStripe 2.4 Highlights

by Richard Johnson on 14 Apr

At last nights London SilverStripe CMS Meetup Jamie presented highlights of the SilverStripe 2.4 release of the content management system. We've uploaded the presentation slides to slideshare and embe... read more

Helpful Geek: Numeronyms - What are they?

by Richard Johnson on 12 Apr

Just in case anyone has to deal with web developers or agencies or geeks you may find this useful. Numeronyms are words with all the letters in the middle replaced with a number. This number is the am... read more