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Getting and scaling Magento in the cloud

by Adrian Duke on 26 Jan

I was recently asked to research getting Magento into the cloud and making it scalable for one of our clients. This decision came about as we believe performance is a large factor in conversion, coupl... read more

SilverStripe CMS runs on Windows IIS Server

by Richard Johnson on 19 Aug

The Open Source content management system SilverStripe runs on the Windows IIS server as well as all Linux web servers. Read this detailed case study published on the Microsoft website in March 2009. ... read more

Migrating from Xen to KVM

by Jamie Neil on 22 May

We've been using Xen for server virtualisation for a few years now, and it's generally worked very well (the only real problem that I've had is with kernel upgrades).  However some of the new hardwar... read more

Debian on Dell PowerEdge R200

by Jamie Neil on 17 Feb

We're retiring some of the older equipment in our rack at the moment, and replacing it with a couple of shiny new Dell PowerEdge R200 servers. Being fairly new there isn't that much information out th... read more