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My Top 5 SEO Tools

by Paul Rogers on 14 Jul

Two of the most important factors in any SEO campaign are competitor research and benchmarking, as they help to understand what is required in order to gain competitive advantage or consolidate positi... read more

New +1 Button Launched by Google

by Paul Rogers on 02 Jun

After weeks of eager anticipation from SEO’s and webmasters across the globe, Google has finally released its new +1 button. The new feature, which is designed as a tool for recommending specific co... read more

Review of Brighton SEO 2011

by Paul Rogers on 02 Apr

Normally, I don’t really care for April Fools Day, an entire 24-hour period designed for annoying pranks and jokes (normally played on me) - but this year was an exception! Last Friday (April Fools ... read more

Distilled Link Building Seminar 2011

by Paul Rogers on 22 Mar

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to go to what was undoubtedly the best SEO-orientated event that I have ever attended – The Distilled Link-Building Seminar. Focusing on a vast spectrum of different ... read more

Growing your business with SEO

by Paul Rogers on 03 Feb

The term 'search engine optimisation' or 'SEO' describes the process of improving your website's positioning within search engine rankings - generating significant increases in traffic, revenue and br... read more

Top Takeaway Tweets from a4uexpo on Day 1

by Chris Avery on 12 Oct

I was one of the ones who unfortunately could not attend A4UEXPO. I have heard some fantastic things about this marketing conference, but due to being snowed under with work I gave this one a miss :(.... read more

Social Media Content vs Your Own Website

by Richard Johnson on 24 Mar

While waiting at the bus stop this morning I spotted a poster for a new movie called: "Kick Ass". One thing that struck me was that there was not a website address for the movie. Usually you see somet... read more

Keyword Research Tools and How To Use Them

by Mark Slocock on 08 Oct

There are a number of keyphrase research tools available for anyone to use, these tools allow you to find out what phrases users are searching for on the major search engine Google, Yahoo and Bing . ... read more