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Magento 1.6 Upgrade

by Jamie Neil on 15 Sep

There's nothing quite like a major Magento upgrade to help you lose the best part of a day. We've been holding a number of sites at 1.4 for a while now due to compatibility problems with Magento 1.5, ... read more

Top Takeaway Tweets from a4uexpo on Day 1

by Chris Avery on 12 Oct

I was one of the ones who unfortunately could not attend A4UEXPO. I have heard some fantastic things about this marketing conference, but due to being snowed under with work I gave this one a miss :(.... read more

Varien release Magento Mobile

by Richard Johnson on 01 Jun

This week Varien released the Magento Mobile, a mobile e-commerce platform. It is still in limited release, meaning you need to ask Varien if you can buy it from them. However, it would be interesting... read more