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Magento 1.8.1

by James Basoo on 24 Feb

Magento CE helps advance overall product quality and ease operations by providing significant tax calculation improvements, a wide range of bug fixes, and several security enhancements. See th... read more

Introducing MageSEO - Our new SEO Extension

by Mark Slocock on 18 Jan

Yesterday marked the launch of our latest Magento module, MageSEO. MageSEO is a comprehensive premium Magento module that is designed to eliminate all technical SEO issues from the platform. The modul... read more

How To Create a Suite of Modules in Magento

by Carlo Tasca on 17 Sep

In a recent project, I had to deal with creating a suite of modules in Magento (a module that contains other modules). After several searches on Google, I realised that nobody had created a proper sol... read more

Magento SEO Slides from ThinkVis Sept 2012

by Paul Rogers on 01 Sep

Earlier today, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak at ThinkVisiblity, a Leeds-based digital marketing conference. My presentation was focused on Magento SEO and I’ve embedded my slid... read more

A guide to doing SEO on Magento websites

by Paul Rogers on 19 Mar

Magento is a hugely popular, open source ecommerce platform that powers well over 100,000 transactional websites across the world. A number of our SEO clients have Magento websites, which has required... read more