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SilverCart - An Overview

by Adrian Duke on 24 Jun

Last nights SilverStripe meet up was presented by Pixeltricks, a fun and innovate company from Kaiserslautern, Germany. Presented by Roman and Roland we were taken through their new eCommerce solution... read more

First look: Beaver Brooks' e-commerce website

by Richard Johnson on 19 Apr

A friend just sent me this link to a newly launched jewellery website call Beaverbrooks. Here's my mini review: 1. What are your thoughts on the homepage? I love the large banner areas that break out... read more

Top 10 Subscription Page Designs

by Richard Johnson on 06 Oct

If you are anything like us you probably have several online subscriptions and have probably been faced with some of the ones we've listed here: Shopify Squa... read more

Net-a-Porter behind the scenes

by Richard Johnson on 11 Aug

I often end up in conversations with potential clients telling me they want to build a website like Net-a-Porter. My response is always the same: "Are you sure?" It's easy to look at a successful webs... read more

Varien release Magento Mobile

by Richard Johnson on 01 Jun

This week Varien released the Magento Mobile, a mobile e-commerce platform. It is still in limited release, meaning you need to ask Varien if you can buy it from them. However, it would be interesting... read more