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Content Management Interfaces - Less is more

by Richard Johnson on 18 Apr

I've read a few articles over the years discussing the best ways to design a user interface used in a content management system or any web application. Usability has always been a key factor when desi... read more

WYSIWYG Editors in content management

by Richard Johnson on 04 Feb

A friend of mine recently started a series of blog posts that challenge the question of content editing in CMS's. Justin was a software architect at News Corp and prior to that Head of Technology at O... read more

Video: Installing SilverStripe CMS on WAMP

by Richard Johnson on 16 Jan

The guys at SilverStripe made this great little video on how to install SilverStripe locally on Windows 7. Installing SilverStripe CMS: 5 minute tutorial from SilverStripe on Vimeo. Wondering how ... read more

SilverStripe UK Meetup - Jan 25th London

by Richard Johnson on 11 Jan

We have just announced the first UK SilverStripe Meetup for 2011.  Come along on January 25th at 1830 Central London (exact location on  The group are going to review the meetups in 201... read more

The ongoing cost of an Open Source CMS

by Richard Johnson on 23 Jun

We often find that a lot of people we talk to about content management do not fully understand the cost implications of running an enterprise CMS, and sometimes even just the basic costs of maintai... read more

Wordpress 3.0 Released - E-mail from founder

by Richard Johnson on 21 Jun

Here's a nice e-mail from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. I like the personal approach that Wordpress / Automatic adopt. E-mail reads: Subject: WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious" available "You've probably... read more

Editing content in SilverStripe 2.4

by Richard Johnson on 14 Jun

The latest release of SilverStripe has been available for a while now. Here's an updated overview video of how to manage and edit your website content (with funky background music!). If you are ru... read more

SilverStripe 2.4 Highlights

by Richard Johnson on 14 Apr

At last nights London SilverStripe CMS Meetup Jamie presented highlights of the SilverStripe 2.4 release of the content management system. We've uploaded the presentation slides to slideshare and embe... read more