Syncronise your files between office and home PC's

Posted by Richard Johnson on 29 July 2009

If you are like us you will want to work on documents in the office but also at home or on the road. Carrying the files around with you on a laptop or external memory stick can be a bit of a hassle. The solution is here and its called Dropbox.

Dropbox is a free (limited) web service that allows any documents, images or files saved to your dropbox to be uploaded to your account. All of these files can then be opened and edited on another computer that you setup with Dropbox. You can also use the website to get to your files if you are on the road.

If you...

  • email files to yourself
  • want to share large files but can't
  • rely too much on USB drives
  • need automatic backup of documents
  • want to access your files anywhere
  • want to share photo albums

Dropbox is certainly the solution for you. The FREE account gives you 2gb of storage space and if you create your account from this blog you'll receive an extra 250mb!


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