Social Sharing Trends on Jewellery Websites [infographic]

Posted by Richard Johnson on 28 February 2012

We recently carried out some basic research into the websites of retailers within the UK jewellery industry. We wanted to highlight a few interesting facts about how the retailers we looked at are using digital marketing.

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We took a random sample of 100 jewellery retailers in order to generate unbiased results.

Only 74% of the jewellery retailers had an e-commerce website

Almost a quarter of the websites that we reviewed were not e-commerce enabled. We were surprised by this, as we’ve seen a considerable increase in the amount of offline retailers adopting e-commerce over the last 12 months.

Very few websites were optimised for mobile

Mobile is still very open within the jewellery industry, as only 8% of the retailers we looked at had a mobile-friendly website. If you subscribe to any of the main digital news and blog websites, you will have seen plenty of articles about the importance of mobile websites and mobile marketing. This has been highlighted by many as a massive area for growth in 2012/13.

Google+ hasn’t been adopted by many jewellery companies

The industry as a whole appears to be unphased by the hype surrounding Google Plus - only 10% of the retailers we looked at had created a branded profile. Google+ is looking more and more likely to have a major impact on the way we search the internet, so it's important that retailers keep an eye on it. We are actively suggesting that our clients pay close attention to Google+ and apply the same focus that they're doing with Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are being utilised by a larger number of jewellers in the UK

74% of the retailers we reviewed had a Facebook page and 68% had a Twitter account.

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