SilverStripe - Open Mouse Night

Posted by Richard Johnson on 26 September 2011

We are hosting another SilverStripe CMS meetup this week. On Thursday 20th October 2011 a group of UK based developers, designers and marketeers with meet to share their thoughts on the popular open source CMS. 

This month we have a new format. Open Mouse Night (similar to an open mic event) allows anyone who attends five minutes to talk about (or show on screen) anything to do with SilverStripe. Here's a few examples of what we might hear:

  • My best SilverStripe websites
  • Top 5 modules
  • Top five free themes
  • Where to find developer information
  • My favourite features

There are loads of things to talk about and we are very excited to hear what our fellow SilverStripers have to say. See you there!  

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  • Ann Ann on November 11th, 2011

    That sounds fabulous. Open Mouse Night is a great format for sharing our thoughts. Cool!!!

  • Geblibr Geblibr on November 16th, 2011

    Amazed by the Open Mouse Night greatly!
    It gives possibility to come along and share some SilverStripe goodness.

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