Silverstripe CMS Latest Update - v3.1.2

Posted by Matt Bailey on 10 February 2014

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The latest version of SilverStripe CMS contains the following updates:

  • Default current Versioned "stage" to "Live" rather than "Stage"
  • UploadField marks CMS forms as changed
  • Treedropdownfield shows search by default
  • Disable discontinued Google Spellcheck in TinyMCE, default to browser spellcheck
  • CMS switches to correct tab on validation errors
  • CMS tree scrolls to selected node automatically
  • New translations: Te Reo/Maori, Arabic, Chinese/Mandarin

We recommend that all our clients currently on version 2.4.10 or below upgrade to this latest version. SilverStripe 3 saw a complete rework of the framework and CMS interface, making it more powerful and user friendly.


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