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Posted by Paul Rogers on 20 March 2012

Due to the large number of digital marketing events hosted in the UK each year, deciding on which ones to attend is a difficult task! With this in mind, I wrote this article about some of the digital marketing conferences that I’ve learnt from and enjoyed over the last 12 months or so.


Where: Brighton, UK

Frequency: Bi-annual

Next event: 13th April 2012


Cost: Free


BrightonSEO is a bi-annual online marketing conference that brings more and more SEO’s together every year. BrightonSEO is the only free conference in this list, but the content remains just as valuable.

I’ve really enjoyed the two previous BrightonSEO events that I’ve attended and I would strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in online marketing.

Although the tickets for the event were gone within around 30 minutes, you can still get your hands on one by signing up to one of the advanced workshop sessions taking place on the 12th of April.


BrightonSEO March 2011

BrightonSEO September 2011


Where: Leeds, UK

Frequency: Bi-annual

Next event: TBC September 2012


Cost: £288.00 (including two night at a nearby Hilton)


I recently attended the 7th ThinkVisibility conference, which took place on the 3rd of March 2012 - and I really enjoyed it! The Leeds-based conference, which is held on a Saturday, featured a number of excellent presentations and two great evening events.

We paid £288.00 for one ticket and two nights in a nearby Hilton hotel, although you can purchase tickets without the hotel.


Where: London, UK and New York, U.S

Frequency: Annual

Next Event: TBC - Summer 2012


Cost: £749.00 (SEOmoz discount available)


SearchLove is an SEO event organised by Distilled, an international search marketing agency with offices in London, Seattle and New York.

I attended the first ever SearchLove event last summer and found the content to be exceptional - with notable speakers including Rand Fishkin, Tom and Will Critchlow, Richard Baxter and Patrick Altoft.

SearchLove covered a wide range of SEO-related topics and proved to be a great event for online marketers of all levels. The next event will be held in London and New York later this year.


My reviews of each presentation can be found here


Where: London, UK and Boston, U.S

Frequency: Annual

Next Event: 30th March 2012


Cost: £449.00 (SEOmoz discount available)


LinkLove is the second SEO event organised by Distilled featured in this post, however this one is solely focused on link building. I learnt a lot from the presentations at LinkLove and it’s definitely one of the best that I’ve attended.

LinkLove is specifically designed to provide actionable content and tips that can directly improve the way that search marketers operate for link building. For me, the top tips of this conference came from Martin McDonald, Wil Reynolds and Rand Fishkin, all of which also spoke at Distilled’s SearchLove London event last year.

For me, this event was exceptional and I’d probably recommend it over any others.


Review of LinkLove London 2011

Conversion Conference

Where: London, UK

Frequency: Annual

Next event: 30th November - 1st December 2012


Cost: £1,095 (Conference pass only)


I’ve never actually attended Conversion Conference, however my colleague Mark did and he wrote an extensive blog post on each of the presentations from the two-day event (which I've read through throughly). I learnt a lot simply from reading (and proof-reading) his blog posts so I thought I’d include it.

Mark gave this conference a glowing recommendation, outlining the actionable nature of the presentations as one of the key benefits. I will hopefully attend the 2012 event, which will take place in November/December.


Reviews of all presentations

Meetup events:

Having talked about the conferences that I would recommend, I thought I'd mention a few great digital marketing meetup events that I've learnt from too:

OxonDigital – Oxford (free)

I first attended OxonDigital mid-way through last year, mainly because I live in Oxfordshire and I thought I’d check it out. All of the presentations at each of the events that I've attended have been really good and it also represents a great networking opportunity.

OxonDigital is held every 3-4 months.

OMN London - London (free)

The Online Marketing Networkers event, which is held on the moored HMS President boat, provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. 

I’ve attended a number of these events and each time the content and speakers have been excellent.

Search London – London (free)

Search London is an SEO-focused meetup event that takes place in London every two months or so.

Search London has been going for quite some time now and recent speakers include Judith Lewis and Martin MacDonald.

The Distilled meetup – London and New York (free)

I've only attended one of Distilled's meetup events, but as we've all grown to expect from them, it was very good. The most recent meetup, which was held in March 2012, featured three excellent presentations from Mike Essex, Annabel Hodges and Phil Nottingham.

If there are any other conferences or meetup events that you think I've missed, please feel free to provide details in the comments below. You can also follow me on Twitter or Google Plus.

I'm also keen to attend the following conferences at some point soon as I've heard great things about them from other SEO's.

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    I'm currently organising meetups in Scotland via The first one is in Glasgow on the 26th of April.

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    Useful event analysis thanks Paul - might I suggest an addition now rolling out across UK. :)

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