Outreach: Is it all about hustle? Rob Ousbey at SearchLove London 2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 26 October 2011

Rob Ousbey is Distilled's VP of Operations and is now based in their Seattle office, having previously worked for them in London.

Rob's presentation was focused on building an outreach, which will then help you to promote content and news in the future. Rob discussed how an outreach shouldn't be part of a link building campaign as they're two very different things.

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Outreach is not link building - two very different things
  • Priorities for an outreach team should be 1: building relationships 2: Generate coverage 3: Obtain links
  • The perfect characteristics of a link builder are curiosity, creativity & ingenuity and internet savviness and fluency
  • Tip: Find a good infographic, find out who’s embedded it and who's linking to this type of content to find good prospects for your infographic
  • alltop.com is a curated lists of blogs
  • mturk.com and odesk.com = affordable outsourcing
  • Longer conversation with bloggers = better conversion rate
  • Potential process for contacting prospects: follow on Twitter, comment on their blog, retweet something of theirs, tweet at them, comment again on their blog, email them
  • build relationships with journalists
  • Stay on journalists' radar
  • Know who your VIP's are (top targets)
  • Keep your VIP's – RT's, flatter them etc
  • Outreach metrics: Unique linking root domains
  • Look at ULRD / Hour invested to evaluate success
  • Tool for link building – Towt or Tout store emails

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