Our first workshop: Introduction to Google Analytics

Posted by Richard Johnson on 14 February 2011

Earlier in the month we held our first open workshop for a few of our clients. The goal is to share some our our knowledge and experience so that you can make better decisions and plans for your online marketing.

In the first workshop we went through an introduction to the Google Analytics package. We only have a small office so we need to keep the workshops to a maximum of 5 people. This is quiet a good number as we can cover a few topics and go into detail about some real life cases. 

We are trying to put together a short video to cover the same topics. We'll post it on the blog once it's ready.

Here's a few quotes from our clients about the workshop:

"This was a good refresher. But enough about the coffee and cupcakes: the session was also excellent in terms of presenting how Google Analytics works -- and how, as a financial PR firm, we might use it to:

  • Measure increased traffic to client websites as a result of our efforts
  • Advise clients on website design
  • Improve our own website visibility.” Chris from Peregrin Communications

"An essential introduction to Google Analytics by GPMD, this informal workshop covered the key elements for any serious e-commerce business to use in tracking and improving the performance of its online business. Thanks!" Andrew from Winterson

If you are interested in attending a workshop in the future please email me (you should have me address, if not use the contact form at the top of the page).

Ideas for future workshops

Here's a few possible topics for future workshops. 

  • How to manage your marketing website
  • Introduction to Social Media and what you should know
  • Improving your visitors experience online: Usability

If you have any ideas for new workshops or topics you would like to see us cover then please contact me or comment on this post.


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