New Design Partner - Glow Design

Posted by Richard Johnson on 22 April 2010

We've made friends with Glow Design, a Shoreditch based design agency who work with clients such as: ICAP, Wall Street Systems, Nimrod and Traiana. Glow have a team of seven, including three awesome designers. They specialise in brand development, advertising, web design, marketing and sales collateral.

Glow have decided to partner with GPMD so that they can offer a solid open source content management solution to their customers. This is a smart move by the chaps at Glow. They now have a solution provider for both proprietary and open source CMS deployment. This means that if a prospect has to use a certain technology, they've got it covered.

We've been working with Glow on their new website (built on SilverStripe) which everyone is very pleased with.

Why GPMD work with external design agencies

Some people ask me why GPMD use external designers and agencies when we have our own designers. The answer is quite straightforward.

We have some extremely good web designers in-house but we don't specialise in off-line design. What usually happens is that the design agency will win a new contract, creating the design, both online and offline. This is where they need the development expertise. Occasionally we find a prospect in a sector that we don't have much design experience in. In this situation it makes sense for the client and us to use the most appropriate design agency.

If you run a design agency or are a freelance web designer and are interested in partnering up with an open source development team, give Rich a call on 020 7183 1072.


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