New +1 Button Launched by Google

Posted by Paul Rogers on 02 June 2011

Google +1 ButtonAfter weeks of eager anticipation from SEO’s and webmasters across the globe, Google has finally released its new +1 button.

The new feature, which is designed as a tool for recommending specific content and websites, was first introduced in May, but in beta form.

Why are people getting so excited about this button? 

Most of the hype behind the launch is coming directly from the SEO community, after strong suggestions that it will prove to be influential within Google’s ranking algorithm.

The new button is the latest attempt by Google to use social signals to determine positioning and combat spam, following the announcement that they’re now using ‘Tweets’ and ‘Facebook likes’ just a few weeks ago.

The initial value of the +1 currently remains unknown, however things are sure to become clearer over the next few days. You can add the +1 button to your website now by clicking on this link.

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