London Web Standards - July: JavaScript Best Practices

Posted by Richard Johnson on 13 July 2009

This months London Web Standards meetup takes place this evening at The Square Pig, Holborn at 7pm.

The agenda for this meetup is:

  • A look at JavaScript (and the web in general) in 1997 and why it sucked
  • The reinvention of JavaScript thanks to maps and libraries
  • Why semantic HTML makes for lightweight JavaScript
  • JavaScript best practice (e.g. why scripts should be external before the </body> rather than verbose in the[ <head>)
  • A quick tour of the JavaScript libraries
  • jQuery: it's light, it's sexy, it's the JavaScript library that Apple would sell
  • Extending jQuery with plugins
  • A few quick demonstrations of how to improve a website correctly with jQuery
  • Questions (with possible Answers)

The discussion will be lead by Ben Dodson.

If you would like to attend please register via Meetup. If you would like to follow the LWS group, here's the londonwebstandards.


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