London SilverStripe CMS Meetup - April 17th 2012

Posted by Richard Johnson on 16 March 2012

We're really excited about the next London SilverStripe Meetup in April. The topic is:

How can we gain more exposure for SilverStripe?

All developers, agencies and clients that work with the SilverStripe CMS would benefit if more people around the world knew of the CMS. This meetup will have a panel comprising of SilverStripe agency heads who will lead the discussions. We are asking everyone in the community to submit ideas, topics and questions ahead of the Meetup so that we can highlight some important issues to discuss on the night. 

For example: 

  • How could we compare SilverStripe with more popular open source CMS's?
  • Would developers, agencies and clients be willing to have "Powered by SilverStripe" on their websites?
  • What collaterial would we like to from SilverStripe HQ to help marketing the CMS?

Feel free to come along armed with some stuff you want to share with us. We'll make all of the information available after the event. 

We would love to see as many people from the SilverStripe community attend. Please send your ideas, topics and questions to rich AT gpmd DOT co DOT uk.

  • Date: Tuesday 17th April 2012
  • Time: 1830 Start - Finish around 2030 / 2100
  • Location: Please sign-up on the meetup group...

Full details of the event can be found on

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