London Online Marketing & Development Group event review

Posted by Paul Rogers on 22 July 2011

We first started created the London Online Marketing & Development meetup group around three months ago, with the intention of providing an event specifically designed to bring marketing professionals together to discuss the opportunities of online marketing.

Last Tuesday, we held the first London Online Marketing & Development Group meetup right here in Moorgate. We recruited three speakers (including me) to discuss different elements of online marketing, including data acquisition, campaign management and link building as part of an SEO project. These three speakers were:

Fanni Vig (Business Development Director at Trovus)

Paul Rogers (Online Marketing Specialist at GPMD) – me

James Gasteen (Founder of Precursive)

Fanni was first to take the stage, talking about profiling B2B website visitors using Trovus' innovative business intelligence capabilities. Fanni's presentation was very interesting, defining a number of advantages of using this kind of data in both online and offline marketing.

Then it was my turn... 

Fanni's impressive presentation didn't help to ease my nerves, as I'd never spoken at any form of event before, and she was a tough act to follow anyway. Thankfully, after about a minute of talking, I soon got my confidence my back. I discussed a number of factors related to link building, including the importance of 'whitehat' techniques, avoiding paid and natural links, the 'nofollow' attribute, different types of links and a few creative link building ideas.

James Gasteen's in-depth presentation, which was focused on his innovative software package, prompted a lot of questions from intrigued members of the audience. The software that Precursive provide is designed to allow marketing professionals to structure and improve their campaigns, with collaboration capabilities also adding to it's value.

The event pulled in around 25 people, and me and Rich (who was the main organiser of the event) received some really positive feedback. Members of the audience also asked a number of great questions throughout the presentations, which the other speakers and I were happy to answer. 

Overall, I think the first Online Marketing and Development Group event was a success! I personally met several really interesting people, who were keen to develop their understanding of online marketing and SEO.

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