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Controlling Site Links on Google

by Mark Slocock on 12 Jun

Google Site Links are the sub link shown for some sites on the search engine results page.  There is no way of forcing Google to link to certain pages,  because the links are selected by an automate... read more

Migrating from Xen to KVM

by Jamie Neil on 22 May

We've been using Xen for server virtualisation for a few years now, and it's generally worked very well (the only real problem that I've had is with kernel upgrades).  However some of the new hardwar... read more

Dimdim Web Conferencing

by Mark Slocock on 16 Apr

I've just come across a free web conferencing service that looks set to become very popular, Dimdim Web Conferencing  is a well built, easy to use, open source web conferencing solution. That means t... read more

10 Javascript Accordion Scripts

by Mark Slocock on 07 Apr

JavaScript accordions are a great way to add content to site that is short on space.  We have used them in various ways many times. I found a great article on called 10 Javascript Ac... read more

Web Safe Fonts

by Mark Slocock on 07 Apr

Strong typography together with strong photography play an important role in any websites' design.  The introduction of CSS to web design allowed designers to use typography in a way that previously ... read more

Microsoft U-Turn on IE 8 Rendering

by Mark Slocock on 25 Mar

There has been alot of discussion recently over Microsoft's proposed stance on browser version targetting for IE 8.  Developers have been very vocal against plans to make IE 8 redener in  IE 7 stan... read more

Splash Pages

by Mark Slocock on 29 Feb

Our clients often ask for splash pages, an intial graphic or animation that is played on a websites' home page.   Traditionally splash pages were disastrous from both a usablility perspective, users... read more

Tools we use everyday

by Mark Slocock on 28 Feb

Over the years I have come to rely on a number of different tools, I'm always on the look out for new and interesting tools and will add any I find in  the future:  Mind Mapping read more

Debian on Dell PowerEdge R200

by Jamie Neil on 17 Feb

We're retiring some of the older equipment in our rack at the moment, and replacing it with a couple of shiny new Dell PowerEdge R200 servers. Being fairly new there isn't that much information out th... read more