How to achieve ROI through your website

Posted by Richard Johnson on 14 February 2011

I can't explain specifically how you can all achieve ROI from your website but I can give you the outline. 

What is ROI?

ROI means Return On Investment and all businesses look for this whenever they are making an a financial or pyshical investment. 

How do you define 'return'?

The 'return' element of this phrase is the most interesting part when it comes to online marketing, particularly the website itself. If you are selling a product on your website it is fairly obvious that you would consider the 'return' to be an increase in visitors purchasing your product. However, what if you don't sell products on your website? What if you are a chain of bars or restaurants? Your products are only sold when the customer visits one of your locations. In this case we need to define 'return' in a slightly different way. We would measure the 'return' in this scenario based upon the actions of visitors on the website.

Monitoring results

In order to successfully measure the success of what you're doing, especially if it's for a non-ecommerce site, you will need to identify what you would like visitors to do. Once you have decided this, you can then use goals and funnels within Google analytics in order to monitor the conversion rate of your website, so for non-ecommerce websites this could be a contact form or a download.

Actioning the results

The next step, once you have defined the 'return' and are succesfully monitoring it, is to work on increasing the amount of people that are doing what you want them to be doing. This is done by analysing the data you have and modifying key areas of your website to manipulate patterns in visitor activity. If addressed correctly, this can prove to be hugely beneficial and can help to maximise the effectiveness of your website.

Begin the process correctly, be smart

In order to get the best possible results, it is fundamental that the factors you're taking into consideration are being correctly monitored, as otherwise it could have an adverse affect on your conversions and bounce rate.


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