How Google Caffeine is changing search?

Posted by Chris Avery on 21 June 2010

Search is changing, it is far more competitive and we have to keep on top of this game to have any chance of remaining ahead of the competition, that's why we need to know what the introduction of Google Caffeine has done for search and how we can make the best use of it.

They called it the May Day Update in Search, but for those of you who don’t know, it was basically when Google announced that caffeine was rolled out but not for 100% of queries. So what can caffeine deliver to us in the aid of search? Well, I'll tell you, it can deliver much faster speeds of indexing which means it can crawl through a vast amount of content to deliver the most relevant results in a shorter period of time.

The introduction of the newly added speed means that Google will deliver fresh content through universal search. This means fresher images, video and rich media, can be indexed within hours, sometimes minutes of the content being crawled.

With Google's added speed with indexation, is it any wonder that we are beginning to think about behavioral search and how caffeine will be more than capable of delivering this? This not only means that Google will deliver far more relevant content, but it shall also line the pockets of the Silicon Valley giant.

Google will be able to deliver extremely relevant adverts on their PPC network which of course could increase the advertisers ROI, which in turn, means the advertiser is spending more with Google. So everyone is happy, well, nearly everyone, it is just going to make SEO far more difficult to achieve. Not only do you have to rank for keyword phrases, but now we shall need to understand the behavioral mindset and deliver appropriate content.



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