How and Why Domino's Pizza Adopted CRO Techniques - Paul Francis at Conversion Conference 2011

Posted by Mark Slocock on 01 December 2011

Dominos have taken the IT department and merged them into the marketing department, so that everyone is aware of what is going on and can plan more effectively.

What is conversion?

The ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions (sales).

Customers influenced by having a quality product that people want at a price they are prepared to pay.

Dominos digital sales

  • 50% of all delivered sales on-line
  • 16% of on-line sales are mobile
  • Presence in 3 countries: UK, ROI, DE
  • Website, 2 mobile websites, Iphone Android & iPad
  • 16% of orders are on the iphone application
  • 75% sales are at tea time

Why listen to customers?

“If henry Ford had listened to buyers, he'd have built a faster horse".  Customers are good at telling you whats wrong but not good at telling you what the solution is.

What are the right questions?

  • Have you visited this web site before?
  • What do you think its purpose is?
  • What's the intended audience?
  • Could you find what you were looking for?

But I've never met my customers

  • Usability Tests
  • Social Media
  • Surveys & Ratings
  • A/B & MVT testing 

Usability Research

March usability study by flow interactive, key findings were:

  • Most users were very positive about the order process
  • Having to recreate an order after 'upgrading' to a deal at checkout was the most frustrating thing

Rebuilt the customised pizza screen using wireframes and made it clearer. They also use whatusersdo to conduct online user testing

Social Media

  • Use social a lot, started in september 2010
  • 300k facebook followers
  • Work hard on customer engagement
  • Most Followers 18-24
  • All contact linked to purchaser
  • We want customers to have fun
  • Important to keep activity fresh!

Some people really get into it – showed examples of customers who have created costumes out of pizza boxes!

Social Media - know your customer

They concentrate all activity on all the identified demographics:

  • Healthly but hectic
  • Social snackers
  • Family feasters

Approach to Social

  • Community Management
  • Campaign Amplification
  • Tatical Campaigns

Social Media – Community

  • Customer service
  • Caption competitions
  • Promotions
  • General Chatter

Social Measuring Success

Can see what works and what doesn't

Social Media – Real-time and location based

Four Square – mayors get a free pizza

Mobile app ratings

  • Either really happy or really upset
  • Not much in the middle

 Post purchase surveys

  • Capture negative and positive experiences
  • Questions are specific
  • More useful feedback
  • Typical rating 4.5

Surveys & Ratings – A few questions

  • Ask the right questions post purchase
  • Prompt rate this app
  • Take all feedback on the chin

Nearly 1 in 5 people who complain and had their issue dealt with properly went on to become loyal customers

Split & Multivariant Testing

Work with Vext to devise experiments to test theroies. They use GWO to run the tests, backed up with GA to see what the behaviour is.

Why do they test:

  • great for settling disputes
  • Appease concerns of stakeholders
  • Make decisions based on empirical data

Some ideas work great.

  • Changed the colour of the checkout button from red to green had a 1.3% increase in conversion £2.6 million.
  • Tick box for stuff crust was 52% increase £36,000/week

Customer journey analysis

  • 34% conversion rate overall
  • 82% conversion from basket to order
  • Postcode search was a problem (found out by customer surveys)
  • New search engine resulted in 5% increase


Ask the right questions to find out what people want, then give it to them

Points from questions

  • App performs same as the mobile website
  • Ipad users used the website – app bombed
  • Email – your pizza is in the oven is very popular
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