Growing your business with SEO

Posted by Paul Rogers on 03 February 2011

The term 'search engine optimisation' or 'SEO' describes the process of improving your website's positioning within search engine rankings - generating significant increases in traffic, revenue and brand exposure for your business.

There are lots of organisations today that use SEO as their only form of advertising, optimising their website for selected keywords to generate traffic and sales. By implementing an SEO strategy, you can easily target your set demographic, attracting visitors that are solely looking for the product or service that you want to sell, achieved through building positioning on the related terms. For example, if your business sells mouse mats, gaining the top position for 'mouse mats' will direct a substantial amount of visitors who are searching for somewhere to buy mouse mats to your website.

Also, once your website is positioned at the top of the search results for one of your targeted keywords, you have the opportunity to increase your pricing in order to generate higher levels of profit per conversion. A large proportion of online shoppers simply buy from the first company they see, without checking the prices of the other retailers. Even if the minority of visitors who do check the prices of other retailers decide to make their purchase elsewhere, you can adapt your pricing to ensure that the extra margin you're making per product facilitates for the reduction in sales volumes.

An SEO-orientated strategy is also one of the few ways of achieving sustainable growth, as there are always more keywords and markets to target in order to attract more customers. Once you are happy with the traffic your website is getting, you can start to tweak areas of the site in order to try and increase your conversion rate.

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