GPMD Email Marketing Workshop Session 12/04/2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 14 April 2011

GPMD Email Workshop SessionOn Tuesday, I was invited to sit in on a GPMD client workshop session, which was focused on email marketing.

The intention behind this workshop session, which was hosted by my colleague Mark, was to provide our clients with further training in using our email marketing solution, Square Mailer.

Mark went through the Square Mailer system step by step, answering questions from attendees along the way. The demonstration was detailed yet digestible, and gave users a real insight into the features and capabilities of the system.  

My favorite feature that Mark outlined was Square Mailer’s innovative ‘AB testing’ option, which is specifically designed to optimise the conversion rate of your email. This feature allows you to test two different pieces of content (email subject, body etc) by sending them both to a pre-defined sample of your list. After setting a judgement period, the most effective option (in terms of open-rate, click-through rate etc) will automatically be used for the remaining emails.

So, if you’re sending to 1,000 people, you could send both ‘option a’ and ‘option b’ to 2% of your subscribers and use the one that generated the best response over your preferred time period for the remaining 96%.

Square Mailer is a very intuitive system that gives the user complete control over their emails, contact lists and analytics data.

GPMD regularly host complimentary workshop sessions for clients to help improve their in-house skills and competencies. If you would like more information on our workshop sessions, online marketing solutions or the Square Mailer system, please call us on 020 7183 1072.


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