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Posted by Paul Rogers on 10 June 2011

Google LocalOver the last few years, Google has focused on local listings more and more, and today they are one of the main focal points within the results pages.

Not all search queries will return local results, but if Google can determine your location or you include the name of a place within the query, the listings are almost definitely going to include local results. This is because Google is looking to provide the most relevant and useful results for the user, and if they’re looking for something, chances are they will probably benefit from results that are within their local vicinity.

With the potential levels of traffic that could be generated to a website, there is no excuse for a business not to have a local listing.

How do you get a business listed?

Getting your business signed up for Google Local is quick and easy, you simply need to create an account here and fill in the details. Once you have created your account, there are loads of things that you can do to maximize your exposure, such as:

- Add as many ways to contact your business as possible

- Add the opening hours of your business

- Include directions to each of your outlets or offices

- Provide more information about the products or services that your business offers

- Add photos to give potential customers a better understanding of what you have to offer

- Ask customers to review the service you provided on websites like Yell, Touch Local, Scoot, We Love Local and Bview

- If you have more than one outlet/office, list them all so that you gain positioning for multiple areas

With the majority of people now using the search engines to access information, being featured within the local listings (IT’S FREE) is fundamental.

You can also optimise your Google Local listing for enhanced exposure, generating more traffic and increasing awareness of your brand locally.

We include Google Local optimisation within our online marketing retainer package, for more information call us on 020 7183 1072. 






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