Review of The Future of Web Design (FOWD) Conference 2012

Posted by Sveta Coward on 22 May 2012

This year the GPMD design team attended the Future of Web Design conference, which took place in London venue, The Brewery, on 14th May - 16th May. It was a truly great experience, very inspiring and highly beneficial for our learning and design process. We’ve expanded our knowledge in responsive web design, web typography, user experience, accessibility, HTML5 & CSS3, ways to improve your creative flow, ideas generation and more!

On the first day we had a choice of workshops, and the two following days were scheduled with amazing talks by some of the biggest names in the web industry.

For the workshop I chose ‘Good Ideas Grow on Papers’, which was presented by Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson from The Standardistas.  The guys explained the principles of how our mind really works and how the greatest ideas can be generated away from the computer. These were the topics:

  • A Plethora of Tips to Move From Ideas to Execution
  • Five Idea Generation Techniques to Unlock Awesome Sauce
  • How to Think Through Paper
  • Master the Art of Using Typewriters, Scissors and Glue

All the conference talks were fantastic, but my very favourite ones were:

  • Notes On Design - Brendan Dawes;
  • Inform to Inspire: Perfecting Your Creative Workflow - Stephanie Troeth;
  • Web Typography, The Good Bits - Jon Tan;
  • You Are A Channel - The Standardistas;
  • Failing And Doing It Well - Mark Boulton.

I really loved the philosophical and psychological approach to the creative process in some of the talks. The way we communicate our ideas and what messages we send into the world.

We came back very inspired and excited, thank you Future of Web Design!


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