First Netherlands SilverStripe Meetup

Posted by Richard Johnson on 29 November 2010

I was invited to travel over to the Netherlands with Aram Balakjian from to attend the first ever Dutch SilverStripe meetup. As an organiser of the UK SilverStripe meet up I was very interested to see another community meet up in action.

The turnout was brilliant. I counted 17 people in total, most of whom travelled at least one hour to attend the event which was held at 30 Media' office in Utrecht. Aram and myself discussed why the first meet had such a good attendance. One main reason was that it was a 'business event', held at 3pm in an office rather than a pub. We may have to rethink our UK SilverStripe events... Also, everyone was very enthusiastic about SilverStripe and wanted to find out more information about the CMS and it possibilities.


Aram Balakjian from

The redesign was the primary focus of Aram's presentation. If you are not familiar with, take a look. It's a resource for new and experienced developers where you can share code snippets, tutorials and previous work with the community. SSbits has a large global following and is set to be one of the leading community websites for anyone interested in SilverStripe.

Martijn Van Nieuwenhoven from AXYR Media

The organisers talk was refreshingly short and concise, which I like a lot. Martijn demonstrated his customised administration interface (which looks amazing btw) and most importantly, his PanelModelAdmin module. 

This is an adaptation of ModelAdmin that allows you to completely customise the left panel and add multiple panels of data on the main panel area.

Here's a link to the SVN repository:


William and Bauke from Hamaka

William & Bauke were the last to present. Their client' website is a Dutch neighbourhood portal which was one of the first SilverStripe implementations they have produced, and what a site it is!  

We also discussed alternatives to the standard SilverStripe Search function, SPAM protection including Mollom and the not very popular 'honey-pot' technique.

There is a great future for the SilverStripe community in the Netherlands and I hope to attend more meets in the future.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and agreed to run the whole event in English for their European neighbours!

Also a special thanks to: 

  • Aram Balakjian - for inviting me and presenting at the event
  • Martijn Van Nieuwenhoven - for organising a great event (and driving us all over the Netherlands)
  • Bart & Michiel from 30 Media - for letting us invade your office, drink your beer and eat your pizzas!

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