First look: BeaverBrooks' e-commerce website

Posted by Richard Johnson on 19 April 2011

A friend just sent me this link to a newly launched jewellery website call Beaverbrooks.

Here's my mini review:

1. What are your thoughts on the homepage?

I love the large banner areas that break out from the width of the page. The colour selections on the banners also make the messages standout. For me there are slightly too many different styles on the homepage / site. For example on the top right you have: My wishlist / My account, My shopping bag and join the club, each of which has it's own style.

2. How easy is the website to navigate and find products?

The main navigation along the top is quite clear, although the options are a little too close together in my opinion. The categories are also a little close together. I know that my parents might have a few clicks on the wrong options before getting to what they wanted. 

The filtering on the right seems very clear and I dind't have a problem narrowing down my search for a watch. Raymon Weil MW4652. Although there are other Raymond Weil watches that I would prefer if they had them. 

3. What do you think of the product pages?

I really like the product page. A nice big photo of the product goes a long way. It's a a little similar to our Time2 watch website. The designer has used the Beaverbrooks colours well here and I think this makes the design. I'm not entirely sure why the Order Delivery by date is in red and not green?

The Sharing button next to the Add to wishlist is only showing half the button on my Chrome browser.

The last point on the product page is the complete the look tab. Do they think that a man buying a £900 Raymond Weil watch is going to wear a White Gold Diamond single stud earing? Maybe that's a Shoreditch look that I'm not aware of. 

Ok, one last last point on the product page. The finance options and layout are very good, clearly they are pushing the credit option which is a very smart move in today's economic climate.

4. What information is there about the company and various policies like returns?

There seems to be a good amount of information about the company. All of which you can only find in the footer. I don't think this is a bad thing, if you are looking for it you will find it there. 

The returns page is short and simple, and I know exactly how to return my Raymond Weil if I need to. The site also has a good F.A.Q. and the About Us page was great. I instantly got a good feeling about the company and they seem ethically and socially responsibly, making my decision to buy from them even more prominent. 

5. What is the e-commerce website built on? Is there any interesting technology / functionality within the website?

I cannot figure out what e-commerce platform this is built on. It's not Magento for sure. Perhaps it's a bespoke platform, something I wouldn't advise to our clients, but still a very nice implementation.

There isn't any functionality that jumps out at me, but there doesn't need to be any on a clean, simple website. I quite like the Store Finder, which uses Google Maps to mark the locations. Easy and effective.


All in all a very nice website. If I had to estimate how much was invested in this e-commerce website, I would start at £35k, assuming the design was done by the same agency. 

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