Emma's first day at GPMD

Posted by Emma Ratcliffe on 19 May 2010

Today was my first day working at GPMD, it was nice to be greeted by Mark, Rich and an Agenda. I always find the hardest part of starting a new job is the unknown. As I looked through the plan of my day, the butterfly's subsided as I realised my day was about getting familiar with GPMD, seeing what I am capable of and what I would like focus on.

I am here to work with the SilverStripe CMS yet in addition I am being given the opportunity to work in my area of specialisation: Usability. I will have my own Usability project which I hope will give me the chance to grow and learn in the field.

Thank you guys and Sveta! for a very welcoming first day.

Although it is not quite over yet! we are just off to the monthly SilverStripe UK Meetup, I hope to meet you there!



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