Ecommerce Best Practice by Paul Rouke & Stephen Pavlovich at Conversion Conference 2011

Posted by Mark Slocock on 01 December 2011

The second presentation came from Paul Rouke, Head of Usability, Trainer and Consultant at PRWD

Paul highlighted the main conversion principles for e-commerce:

  • Provide Transparency
  • Build Trust and Confidence
  • Remove Barriers to Entry

In addition to these, make sure you know your value proposition and deliver it clearly - have a key messages bar.

Best practice tips & techniques

Product pages - How to add the product to your shopping bag

  • Transparency around the delivery options and returns
  • Understand what your users are looking for and provide the detail
  • Social proof – customer ratings place in a prominent position
  • Use tab navigation to feature important information

Shopping Bag - How to encourage people to checkout

  • Provide transparency around delivery cost
  • Make the call to action clear (q. cta low down lakeland versus john lewis)
  • ASOS allow you to change product specification in the cart
  • Make payment options prominent in the shopping bag
  • Put security high up on the page
  • Feature the word securely on the checkout button

New Customer Checkout

Persuasive design

Paul has a very useful resources page

Stephen Pavlovich is a Director at the Conversion Factory

Five key take aways for ecommerce optimisation

1. Look at analytics 

  • Look at the shopping funnel
  • Look at top landing pages
  • Look at browser conversion rate (Browsershots / ClickTale) Safari will inclide iOS (low conversion)
  • Look at site search – higher conversion from visits with site search (ask for PDF)

2. Don't guess objections

  • Talk to both visitors and customers
  • Customers – what is the one thing that nearly stopped you buying from us (free text)
  • Can you then make some business decisions to make it better

3. Use benefit bars

  • Use light box to show quick view of benefits

4. Pimp Your Shopping Basket

  • Show saving RRP on shopping cart
  • Show stock availability to increase persuation

5. Get reviews for PPC

  • One of dooyou / TrustPilot / review center (recommend Trust Pilot)

Other tips 

  • Use site search to check that you are using the right labelling in your navigation
  • Ticketing websites - work out time between purchase date and event date for each source of traffic and use this for marketing
Next Talk: Why won't you buy? Finding and Eliminating Conversion Blockers by Dr Karl Blanks & Rob Jackson


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