Distilled Link Building Seminar 2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 22 March 2011

Distilled Link Building Seminar

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to go to what was undoubtedly the best SEO-orientated event that I have ever attended – The Distilled Link-Building Seminar.

Focusing on a vast spectrum of different link acquisition strategies and tactics, this fantastic event was as enjoyable as it was interesting. The positive feedback was unanimous, with hundreds of people expressing their appreciation to the speakers on Twitter and in person once the seminar had drawn to a close.

I generally find that most SEO events tend to maintain a generic focus on page optimisation, with very few really touching upon the complex and controversial topic of link building. But this event was different!

The event featured a hugely experienced list of speakers, comprising Tom and Will Critchlow, Paddy Moogan, Jane Copeland, Martin Macdonald, Wil Reynolds, Russ Jones and Rand Fishkin. Each of these industry experts provided their own insightful recommendations and tips for the audience to apply to their own websites.

Speakers also answered questions from the audience throughout the event, and there were some good discussions taking place at the post-seminar bowling session.

In addition to the exceptional content of the presentations, this event proved to be a great networking opportunity - with the majority of those in attendance taking at least a few new contacts away with them.

If you missed this fantastic event, there are still a few places left for the New Orleans seminar, with tickets available from the Distilled website.

Reasons why this event was more effective than those I have previously attended:

  •  Speakers discussed their actual experience, outlining their mistakes and how they had overcome them.
  •  The topics were covered in great details, providing further insight into the application of tactics and strategies.
  •  The recommendations from the speakers were clear and could be emulated by attendees.
  •  Each of the examples and tips included an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using them.
  •  All of the information was digestible and applicable to everyday scenarios.
  •  The combined experience and knowledge of the panel could probably rewrite the Google search algorithm.

I will now be looking to use the knowledge I acquired at this event to increase the exposure of GPMD’s online marketing clients.


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