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The ongoing cost of an Open Source CMS

by Richard Johnson on 23 Jun

We often find that a lot of people we talk to about content management do not fully understand the cost implications of running an enterprise CMS, and sometimes even just the basic costs of maintai... read more

How Google Caffeine is changing search?

by Chris Avery on 21 Jun

Search is changing, it is far more competitive and we have to keep on top of this game to have any chance of remaining ahead of the competition, that's why we need to know what the introduction of G... read more

Wordpress 3.0 Released - E-mail from founder

by Richard Johnson on 21 Jun

Here's a nice e-mail from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. I like the personal approach that Wordpress / Automatic adopt. E-mail reads: Subject: WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious" available "You've probably... read more

Editing content in SilverStripe 2.4

by Richard Johnson on 14 Jun

The latest release of SilverStripe has been available for a while now. Here's an updated overview video of how to manage and edit your website content (with funky background music!). If you are ru... read more

Varien release Magento Mobile

by Richard Johnson on 01 Jun

This week Varien released the Magento Mobile, a mobile e-commerce platform. It is still in limited release, meaning you need to ask Varien if you can buy it from them. However, it would be interesting... read more