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GPMD Supports New Blog

by Alice Moxley on 21 Dec

A MASSIVE thank you to GPMD for supporting my travelling blog so that I can let friends and family know where I am when I start my travels. Please feel free to take a look. Although t... read more

Launch of New B@1 Website

by Alice Moxley on 18 Dec

We are very pleased to announce that the new B@1 website has been launched this week. We have been working with B@1 for some time now to achieve the beautiful website which is now 'live and kicking'! ... read more

Time for Time Squared

by Richard Johnson on 15 Dec

We have been so busy and excited by our new client that we forgot to post a blog about them. DM London decided to engage with GPMD to create the hottest online watch store since... well... there isn't... read more

6 Useful Twitter Marketing Tools

by Richard Johnson on 05 Dec

Twitter is a micro-blogging service which allows individuals to publish small snippets of information (text, photos, links and videos) to the web. Twellow This is a handy service. You can search for k... read more

What is Twitter? A simple introduction

by Richard Johnson on 05 Dec

Twitter ( is a micro-blogging service created by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Essentially it's like an SMS service on the internet. Users can post 140 character long messages, known as Tweets ... read more

Yellow blinds and a shiny new sign

by Alice Moxley on 01 Dec

After one month of working here at GPMD, I am pleased to announce that we have made two improvements to the office. Those of you who enjoy the simple touches that can be made to brighten an office, wi... read more