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Interview with Ingo Schommer of SilverStripe

by Paul Rogers on 13 Feb

I was introduced to Ingo Schommer at the UK SilverStripe meetup event in November 2011, and I recently got back in touch with him to ask if he would mind taking part in an interview for the GPMD blog... read more

Getting and scaling Magento in the cloud

by Adrian Duke on 26 Jan

I was recently asked to research getting Magento into the cloud and making it scalable for one of our clients. This decision came about as we believe performance is a large factor in conversion, coupl... read more

London Green Hackathon 2012

by Richard Johnson on 13 Dec

If you are a kickass developer and are passionate about climate change, sustainability, energy and carbon emissions you should get involved in the London Green Hackathon on 28-29 January 2012. AMEE ha... read more