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Google Launches Trusted Stores

by Mark Slocock on 03 Oct

Google has recently launched a new Trusted Stores program, which looks pretty interesting. The new certification for ecommerce websites measures merchants' performance on the following metrics: Shippi... read more

BrightonSEO - My Top 6 Presentations

by Paul Rogers on 12 Sep

Having attended my first ever BrightonSEO conference earlier in the year, I had high expectations for last Friday's event.  Here is an overview of what I thought were the best six presentations - alt... read more

Mobile Optimised Websites and Statistics

by Richard Johnson on 23 Aug

Mobile web browsing has reached an all time high with the surge of new smartphones and tablet pc's on the market. Yet many companies are still not making mobile website development a priority.  Some ... read more

My Top 5 SEO Tools

by Paul Rogers on 14 Jul

Two of the most important factors in any SEO campaign are competitor research and benchmarking, as they help to understand what is required in order to gain competitive advantage or consolidate positi... read more

Social Media Workshop - 29/06/2011

by Paul Rogers on 29 Jun

With social media being such a hot topic and an open opportunity for businesses at the moment, we thought it would be a great focal point for a client workshop session. Yesterday afternoon, I went thr... read more