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  • Mobile Optimised Websites and Statistics
    Richard Johnson / August 23, 2011

    Mobile web browsing has reached an all time high with the surge of new smartphones and tablet pc's on the market. Yet many companies are still not making mobile website development a priority. 

  • How your meta description can influence your rankings
    Paul Rogers / August 9, 2011

    Many amateur SEO's may still consider the meta description to be a valid ranking factor, and, in a way, I agree!! But not in the same way...

  • My Top 5 SEO Tools
    Paul Rogers / July 14, 2011

    Two of the most important factors in any SEO campaign are competitor research and benchmarking, as they help to understand what is required in order to gain competitive advantage or consolidate positioning. In order to do this research, I use a number of great SEO tools, all of which provide different types of insight into key metrics.

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