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GPMD Client Blogging Workshop

by Richard Johnson on 20 Oct

Blogging is a highly effective way of attracting more visitors to your website. Publishing informative content that is related to your industry, brand or customers will generate 'long-tail' traffic fr... read more

Why I will remember Steve Jobs

by Paul Rogers on 09 Oct

To many people, Steve Jobs will be remembered as a very successful man that ran an even more successful business – but, if you look deeper, he was so much more than that! I look up to Steve Jobs not... read more

SilverStripe - Open Mouse Night

by Richard Johnson on 26 Sep

We are hosting another SilverStripe CMS meetup this week. On Thursday 20th October 2011 a group of UK based developers, designers and marketeers with meet to share their thoughts on the popular open s... read more

Mobile Optimised Websites and Statistics

by Richard Johnson on 23 Aug

Mobile web browsing has reached an all time high with the surge of new smartphones and tablet pc's on the market. Yet many companies are still not making mobile website development a priority.  Some ... read more