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Posted by Paul Rogers on 12 September 2011

Having attended my first ever BrightonSEO conference earlier in the year, I had high expectations for last Friday's event. 

Here is an overview of what I thought were the best six presentations - although all of the speakers were very good!

Jonny Stewart (Review Centre) – Google Panda case study

Jonny began his presentation by outlining how the Google Panda update influenced his website's rankings and traffic, whilst also taking us through the actions that he had taken to try and resolve the decline. Jonny then talked about the impacts of the changes that he made, and why he thought each one did or didn't work.

I thought that Jonny's presentation was very good as it was digestible yet detailed, he also related his findings to actual data from the website he works on.

Dave Peiris (Freelance SEO) – Attracting links

Dave Peiris, more commonly know as 'SharkSEO', gave a very interesting presentation on attracting links by creating resources that people will link to. Dave then discussed various examples of where resources that he had created had attracted great links to websites he was working on. 

Dave also dedicated a number of his slides to ruby on the rails, a Japanese coding language that is becoming increasingly popular within the SEO industry. Dave explained in great detail why ruby is such a great coding language to learn, whilst also providing websites for amateurs to learn the ropes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and have already started learning ruby!

James Carson (Bauer Media) - Dr Social Love: Or how I learned to Stop worrying about Google Algorithms and Love the People 

James Carson's presentation was focused on using social media to generate traffic and links, whilst also discussing how you can improve your social media output by using various different tools such as Follower Wonk and Klout.

James also detailed examples of where articles that had been very popular on Twitter and Facebook (with no links) had ranked strongly within the search engines, illustrating a clear correlation between social signals and rankings.

Dom Hodgson (self-employed entrepreneur) – My Hack Day Addiction

Dom (also known as 'The Hodge') is the organiser of ThinkVis (a bi-annual SEO conference) and Leeds Hack Day (a 24 hour group development project) and has spoken at a number of different SEO events .

Dom's presentation outlined the benefits of being able to code for SEO's, whilst also providing details of the best languages to learn and why.

Dom's presentation was by far the funniest of the day too!

Malcolm Coles (Self-employed SEO) - How to win at SEO with Duplicate Content: Featuring Pippa Middleton’s Posterior

Malcolm Coles is well-known for several controversial topics he has covered within presentations at events. Having enjoyed his talk at the previous BrightonSEO event, this was the presentation I was looking forward to the most.

Malcolm's presentation illustrated how he had generated vast amounts of traffic by creating content related to Pippa Middleton (shortly after the royal wedding), made slight adaptations to the URL a number of times and applied 301 redirects to obtain temporary SERP domination.

Sam Crocker (OMD) – How to Pitch SEO

Sam's presentation was one of 6 '20/20' presentations, which allowed the speakers to have exactly 20 slides that would automatically move on after 20 seconds. 

Sam's presentation, which provided actionable tips for pitching SEO to clients, detailed how you should approach new clients in an honest and open way. Here are some of the key points from Sam's presentation:

  • Put something at risk
  • Take your best people to pitches
  • Be prepared to give information away
  • Only go after business that you really want
  • Ask questions about the brief

All of the presentations on the day were very good – but because there were so many I have only picked six (to save time).

I consider BrightonSEO to be one of the best SEO-related conferences and would strongly recommend it to anyone working in online marketing.

BrightonSEO was organised by Kelvin Newman of Site Visibility.

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