Book Review: Danny Dover's Search Engine Optimisation Secrets

Posted by Paul Rogers on 22 August 2011

About the author:

Danny Dover is regarded by many as one of the leading SEO intellects in the game, with an unquestionable wealth of experience behind him.

Danny shot to fame (within the SEO industry) whilst working as a Lead SEO Consultant at SEOmoz, an almost universally used suite of tools that was once one of the world's best-know SEO agencies. Today Danny Dover, who's work has been cited by most (if not all) of the industry journals, works for American giants AT&T Interactive.

The content:

I have read through a number of SEO books in the past, most of which have shared very similar, basic content focused on the same core principles of search. To be honest, despite Danny's reputation, I wasn't expecting too much from this book, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. 

The first three or four chapters are fairly low-level, discussing key areas of the ranking algorithm and touching on a few technical aspects of SEO. One of the things I liked most about this book is the quick tips that are featured throughout, adding value to the well-written, informative content.

After the introductory three or so chapters, the content gets much more interesting and advanced, with focal points including the use of canonical tags, meta-robots tags, robots.txt file and different types of redirects. Another selling point of this book is that Danny Dover refers back to his experience as examples, making it much more digestible and interesting. 

Link building, my favourite element of SEO, is another subject that is talked about in great detail within the blog, featuring a number of actionable creative ideas that can be emulated within different industries and for different websites.

Agency-side SEO's can also benefit from the full client documents that are featured and analysed within this book. Danny discusses each metric and piece of information included within the reports he provided to clients whilst working for SEOmoz, which I found very interesting.


I consider this to be one of the best SEO books I have read and I would definitely recommend it to other SEO's. I think this book is best-suited to people with an existing understanding of search engine optimisation - people with know knowledge at all can also learn a lot from it but are unlikely to understand some of the technical references. 

My Rating: 5/5


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