Beginners Guide to learning Google Analytics

Posted by Paula Clarke on 14 September 2009

If you are unsure about the best way to go about familiarising yourself with Google Analytics, I have recommended some ways to get started.

The main educational page for Google analytics is IQ Online Course and once you have completed these training videos you can then take the Google Analytics IQ Test which costs USD50.00.

Personally I had never seen Google Analytics before and watching the official video’s did not give me enough confidence to go straight into the IQ Test so I did a bit more digging on the internet to see what other resources were out there.

Where does one turn to for video’s and technical help on the internet – You Tube of course, there I found some great engaging videos from Google Analytics Channel called Google Analytics in 60 Seconds which covered quick instructions topic by topic so they keep you interested and you can target the subjects you want to know more about.

I also found a fantastic set of videos from Google Analytics Evangelist; Avinash Kaushik who not only talks about the specifics of analytics but goes into the psychology behind it and gives examples of how to take the data and make it work for your website.

There is also a Google Analytics Blog which has links to numerous posts on all the relevant subjects as well as a blogroll, learning centre information and books available.

I will be continuing to go through the videos and practicing with my own website analytics account until I take the IQ Test. I hate to quote my Mum when she said “practice makes perfect” but in this case she was right.

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Paula is currently an intern at GPMD, she is also developing her own website Foodie HQ.


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