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Posted by Richard Johnson on 03 October 2011

Amazon recently launched their new tablet device called the Kindle Fire. This new product is a lot more that just a bigger, colour display Kindle. It boasts a fast new web browser called Amazon Silk.

Silk has an innovative feature (very similar to Opera Mini) where it splits the tasks required to display a webpage between the device and the cloud. This means that elements of the page are processed via Amazon' hosting service EC2 which will improve the performance you see in the browser. Here's a short video from Amazon explaining how it works (mildly technical):

One of the most interesting features of this new browser is that it utilises aggregate user behaviour across a vast number of popular websites. For example if you visit the BBC News homepage and then usually goto the Business News section, Silk will request that page content automatically, speeding up the load time considerably. 

Does this new piece of technology have any effect on your company website. Probably, it's another browser that will need to be optimised for if you want your visitors to have a consistent experience between their desktop and mobile devices. 

We'll keep you updated on browser statistics on this blog.

Amazon will sell the new Kindle Fire tablet for $199 in the US. The company also reduced the price of its original Kindle to $79. A release date and price for the UK market have not been released yet.


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