Amazon has taken 1 billion dollars worth of orders through mobile technology.

Posted by Chris Avery on 24 July 2010

We are truly in the times of mobile technology. Amazon have posted news about customers ordering more than $1 billion worth of products a year by using mobile technology. Smart Phones have transformed the way this industry works, with user friendly rich applications making it beyond convenient to order what you want when you want.

For example, I went to PC World to buy something, but felt the price to be rather costly, quickly fired up the Amazon app whilst standing in the store, and found it to be considerably cheaper, so within a few clicks I had completed the order. This just shows you how mobile technology can affect our buying behaviour; we have so many valuable sources of information at our finger tips with the power of smart phones and new age mobile technology.

Are you taking advantage of this growing market? Things are changing are you going to be a part of it?


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