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New Design Partner - Glow Design

by Richard Johnson on 22 Apr

We've made friends with Glow Design, a Shoreditch based design agency who work with clients such as: ICAP, Wall Street Systems, Nimrod and Traiana. Glow have a team of seven, including three awesome d... read more

SilverStripe 2.4 Highlights

by Richard Johnson on 14 Apr

At last nights London SilverStripe CMS Meetup Jamie presented highlights of the SilverStripe 2.4 release of the content management system. We've uploaded the presentation slides to slideshare and embe... read more

Why Web Development is interesting

by Richard Johnson on 12 Apr

I recently found this video blog by Micah Gold-Markel from avEight Inc, A Philadelphia based web development company. In this video Micah talks about how interesting web development is and how we all ... read more

Helpful Geek: Numeronyms - What are they?

by Richard Johnson on 12 Apr

Just in case anyone has to deal with web developers or agencies or geeks you may find this useful. Numeronyms are words with all the letters in the middle replaced with a number. This number is the am... read more

Meet Buster - The new GPMD Dog

by Richard Johnson on 01 Apr

Today is a very special day as I collected Buster our new office pal from Battersea. Poor old Buster has an ear infection hence the dreaded cone. Still it's nice to have him in the office to keep us a... read more

Social Media Content vs Your Own Website

by Richard Johnson on 24 Mar

While waiting at the bus stop this morning I spotted a poster for a new movie called: "Kick Ass". One thing that struck me was that there was not a website address for the movie. Usually you see somet... read more

London Office Fire

by Richard Johnson on 11 Mar

We couldn't get into the office this morning due to a large fire across the road in Worship Street. There are some photos on Flickr and someone in our building made this video: Business as usual, ... read more

Say hello to Chris and Sveta

by Richard Johnson on 03 Mar

We've been really busy at camp GPMD over the last couple of months. So much so that I forgot to let everyone know about two amazing new people that have joined the team. Chris Raettig and Sveta Coward... read more

SilverStripe Meetup - London Feb 4th

by Richard Johnson on 18 Jan

The next SilverStripe UK Meetup is just around the corner! Here's the low-down: We are pleased to announce a young but extremely talented web development company will be speaking at the Feb Meetup. En... read more