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Link Building in 2014

by Leo Davie on 10 Feb

Though 2014 is only a month old, there is already a pervading air of uncertainty about the link-building landscape and how one should go about approaching the process of garnering coverage and links t... read more

Silverstripe CMS Latest Update - v3.1.2

by Matt Bailey on 10 Feb

The latest version of SilverStripe CMS contains the following updates: Default current Versioned "stage" to "Live" rather than "Stage" UploadField marks CMS forms as changed Treedropdownfield shows se... read more

Developing locally for mobile devices

by James Basoo on 04 Feb

There’s no actual development in this development article (sorry!). Instead I’ll simply give you a run-down of my dev environment, and the tools I use to make developing for mobile easier. The fir... read more

Keyword Research for Ecommerce in 2014

by Mark Slocock on 03 Feb

SEO changed in 2013, numerous algorithm updates to Google have kept pace with ever changing tactics used by less scrupulous SEO practitioners.  The process of link building changed to one of link ear... read more

Introducing MageSEO - Our new SEO Extension

by Mark Slocock on 18 Jan

Yesterday marked the launch of our latest Magento module, MageSEO. MageSEO is a comprehensive premium Magento module that is designed to eliminate all technical SEO issues from the platform. The modul... read more

6 Great Examples of Creative Content

by Fraser Wood on 22 Nov

Creative content is a piece of content which is so engaging and interesting that it naturally encourages people to link back to a website with the intention of boosting its online presence (and thus i... read more